Our commitment: Turning the future of the web Green

Environmental sustainability is a founding value at Hosting4Agency. It is the reason why we do what we do and why we do it the way we do.

We are part of the Digital Agency ELAN42 in Venice and since 2017 (the year of our foundation) we have been supporting the environment actively, constantly, and concretely. Every day.

  • We are Carbon Neutral
    Since our very beginning, we have been reducing and offsetting 100% of the carbon dioxide emissions generated by our activities and the online emissions of our services.


  • We exclusively use renewable energy
    Our servers are located in Europe and are powered by hydroelectric, geothermal, and wind energy: Completely natural sources. Our offices are also powered by renewable energy from LifeGate Energy.


  • We protect growing woods and forests
    We have joined LifeGate’s Zero Impact project: We offset our emissions through carbon credits from the forestry sector generated in Italy and in developing countries, contributing to the conversation and protection of growing forests. We also support LifeGate’s “Stand Up Forests” project, which works for the protection of the Brazilian Amazon forest (we presided over and protected 420 sq m of Amazon Forest in 2020).


  • We create eco-friendly innovation
    Our digital infrastructures are all eco-friendly. But also fast, accessible, and high-quality.

These actions represent our concrete and tangible response to fight climate change.

Our participation in the Zero Impact project reflects our constant commitment to pursuing sustainable and responsible practices.

Choosing Hosting4Agency as your partner means improving our environment and our future. Together.

Join us!
You will take part in our action for a cleaner digital world!

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