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In this section you will find the answers to many frequently asked questions that our customers ask us.
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E-mail configuration

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Free trial of our service

The free trial consists of 3 simple steps:
1. You choose the website with which you want to test our Hosting service;
2. You approve our use of your data for the sole purpose of the free 30-day trial;
3. We clone the website you have chosen on our servers and give you the link where you can test the performance during the 30-day trial period.

We run a test using Google PageSpeed at the beginning and end of the trial period. This way you can see how much the website’s performance has improved.

You can choose between these three options:

  1. You provide us with a package including the files and website database dump;
  2. You install the free “Prime Mover” plugin and share the final package with us;
  3. You give us access to your Hosting (files and db) and we take care of cloning.

You are in no way bound at the end of the 30-day trial of our Hosting service. We will remove the duplicate website from our servers at no cost to you.

Service costs

Each Hosting 4 Agency plan includes: The installation of the software we use to maximize performance and 1 hour/year of dedicated technical assistance.

We offer our customers only professional software and plugins at no additional cost to maximize the performance of all the websites included in our plans. The list includes:
– WPML (professional plugin for multilingual management)
– Import / Export Pro
– ShortPixel (professional image optimizer and reducer)
– WP Rocket (to manage caching / performance / pre-loader of sites)
– WPBakery Page Builder

Billing is carried out quarterly with advance payment.
If you choose to pay annual billing in advance you will have a 2-month discount on the service.

We accept payments via bank transfer or PayPal.

Yes, each site always has its own TLS certificate, which is automatically generated with Let’s Encrypt. Upon demand, we provide the possibility of installing custom certificates provided by the customer.

Included in the service for all our customers is a staging area where they can develop websites without server-side caching systems and with an automatic indexing block that they can use for the development of their websites. There is a dedicated feature for publishing websites by effectively copying them into the production area, even changing the URL during the procedure.
Example: becomes

You can purchase a set of licenses from us at less than the retail price.
Here below are the licenses we have available today:
– Software for GDPR / Cookie adjustment
– Pixel Your Site (tracking management from social networks and professional analytics)
– Elementor Pro (framework / Page Builder / professional template)
– Gravity Forms (professional form system) + Gravity Perks (extras for Gravity Forms)
– MailPoet (professional newsletter) + 10,000 emails/month package
– SEOZoom
– WooCommerce simple license

Technical aspects

Migration is always included in our Hosting Plans. We will ask you to provide us with all the necessary tools to cut down on the time of technical interventions.

In the case of particular needs, we study the case and quote the necessary hours to create a customized configuration as an Extra Service.

We will provide you with dedicated access to the Control Panel which will allow you to:
– Register new domains;
– Create new e-mail accounts;
– Create FTP accesses;
– Get access to the database.

You can open a support ticket and ask us to take care of:
– Registering new domains;
– Creating new e-mail accounts;
– Creating FTP accesses;
– Getting access to the database;
– Preinstalling CMS;
– Migrating incoming/outgoing domains.

We exclusively use Linux. We prefer Debian (except for our containerized services for which we use Alpine), an extremely compact distribution designed to maximize performance.

We use PHP version 7.4 and pay attention to all updates in order to keep our service safe and up to date. Upon request, we install specific on-demand versions, for example we are already testing the compatibility of WordPress with PHP 8.

We currently have MariaDB 10.6.x and pay attention to all updates, paying particular attention to security hotfixes. Upon request, we install specific on-demand versions.

Our panel allows you to manage backups independently. By default, we do a complete backup every week and a differential backup every day. However, it is possible to change these configurations on the control panel of the individual domains

Each of our servers has at least 12 CPUs and 128GB of RAM and SSD disks, with resources dedicated to individual agencies as needed. Furthermore, we are careful not to put more than 200 websites on each server, in order to maintain a maximum quality level of the service.

It is not mandatory but we suggest you at least use our NS: This way, in the event of temporary technical problems with our infrastructure, change of IP addresses, or scheduled technical interventions (e.g. reinstallation of web servers) you will not have any type of disservice.

You will be able to purchase domains with Hosting 4 Agency by paying the price at which we purchase them ourselves.
We are a partner of, one of the cheapest registrars in the world.
The Hosting 4 Agency management system interfaces with for both registration and transfer of domains.

Yes, our servers are all in Europe and are compliant and updated with Privacy and Data Retention regulations.

You must request the Auth Code from your current provider or domain registry and communicate it to us. Find out more at this link

Environmental sustainability

Hosting 4 Agency is a product of ELAN42, a Digital Agency in Venice that has always directly or indirectly promoted environmental sustainability projects.

We only use 100% renewable energy sources both in our offices and for our servers, and we have been a carbon-neutral company since 2017, when we were founded.
We have joined the LifeGate Zero Impact program thanks to our action in offsetting the production of carbon emissions by planting trees on Italian soil.

Finally, our contribution has also been involved in the project for the permanent protection of 420 m2 of Amazon rainforest.

Click here and find out more about our commitment to environmental sustainability.


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