Forget the stress of Hosting management: We will do the “dirty” work for you and your agency will earn by reselling!

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No stress and
no waste of time

Guadagni immediati

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pay-as-you-go plans

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Fast, up-to-date, and
always-protected websites


Hosting your agency’s websites yourself is a solution that may seem inexpensive at first. Indeed, all you need is to buy a VPS on one of the hundreds of existing providers, make some settings, and you’re done…

But are we really sure that this is the case?
Are we really sure that this is actually the most cost-effective solution?

This could be the case in some instances, if we only look at the prices for the purchase of web space. But if we look at all the hours necessary to make everything run as it should—especially when there are (inevitable) problems to manage—well, there really isn’t much money saving. In fact, you spend a lot more!

Unless you value your time at zero, all the time needed to manage the agency’s hosting service must be paid for.

Not to mention all the stress and anxiety of having to keep up with renewals, security updates, system optimization, various and possible hacker attacks, server clusters catching fire, and an endless list of “pains in the neck” to manage on a daily basis!

Is it really worth it?

We are convinced not! And our service came to be precisely to solve these problems once and for all.

We want to allow agencies to concentrate on their core business without worrying about the hosting service, sure to leave it in good hands!

Hosting 4 Agency

This service supplies and manages your WordPress Hosting and allows you to sell hosting to your customers without having to worry about deadlines, software updates, and IT security.

  • We are an Italian company with 100% Italian services and telephone assistance in Italian language.
  • Unlike large providers, Hosting 4 Agency offers dedicated assistance to each company, with dedicated technical staff who thoroughly know your specific needs.
  • While hosting giants thrive with standard offers and services, we can afford the luxury of giving you custom services tailored to your needs and those of your customers.
  • Our hosting packages include licenses and services that large providers very often do not include in their plans. This way they can charge them as extra services when you need them (e.g. backups).

The benefits

All the benefits of Hosting 4 Agency

A misura di agenzia


We are committed to being a “friendly neighborhood hosting”, which for us means giving peace of mind and protection to our customers, as well as having an in-depth knowledge of every website we manage and the individual needs of each of our customers so as to be able to offer tailor-made services!

Garantito per WordPress


We have been working on the WordPress platform since its inception, so we thoroughly know every one of its aspects. This is why we are able to guarantee a WordPress hosting service with incredible tech performance!

Personalized consultation included

In order to relieve you of all technical issues, even regarding dedicated services (e.g. creating virtual machines), we put a personal consultant at your complete disposal. This is how we guarantee zero technical worries for you and your customers, thanks to continued personalized support with timely tech interventions and constant monitoring!

Scadenze automatizzate


Forget the stress of having to remember deadlines: We’ll take care of those for you! In addition to this, we automatically update all WordPress licenses, software, plugins, and versions. In other words: Maximum peace of mind!
Guadagni immediati


You no longer have to pay upfront for a space you don’t even know if and when you will use. With us, you have simple and clear plans. And, above all, you pay only in relation to your actual needs. This way you have everything under control with a guarantee of profit margins for each individual website.

100% Green


We have always been mindful of the environmental impact caused by our services. This is why we have decided to be a “Zero Kilometer” provider, meaning that our services and our server farms/server clusters are 100% Made in Italy and calibrated to be Zero Impact as much as possible.

Included services

Here is a list of what our plans include:

  • Free site migrations: We welcome your websites by providing you with free site transfer service.
  • Free hosting: If you transfer at least 20 websites to our servers in 12 months, your agency’s website becomes a free guest.
  • White-label services: Our brand will never appear in the services we offer you, and if you wish we can customize the WordPress backend with your logo.
  • Daily backups included: We store your backups for 30 days so that you can recover all necessary data in just a few minutes.
  • Customized plans: In order to meet all your needs, we design customized plans with licenses included and no surprises.
  • Unlimited team members: You choose all the members who should be able to access your websites. You are all welcome in!
  • Control panel included
  • SSL certificate included

We are a perfect fit for agencies!

To each his own: We like coding, deadlines, and numbers, and you like doing your job well! So why stress yourself by completing boring and repetitive tasks? We’ll take care of it for you, because it is only by relieving you of extra concerns that we can find satisfaction ourselves! 

You are more creative when you are stress-free, which allows you to offer a better service to your customers and dedicate yourself to finding new ones. Moreover, you can earn more by reselling our hosting services, which are ready for use, without having to do anything!


Find out what customers who have chosen us have to say

Alchemica Agency
Alchemica Agency
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“We can make a profit from a service that was previously just a cost to us."
Officine ADV
Officine ADV
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“Efficient, careful, and quick. Recommended!”
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“With Hosting 4 Agency it's like having a system engineer in the office who makes everything work perfectly!”
BIG Digital
BIG Digital
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“We at BIG Ltd. have turned to Hosting 4 Agency for the hosting of our sites and those of our clients. When you evaluate a hosting service, the most important factors are certainly performance and reliability. H4A convinced us right away. We also consider the availability and quality of the support, which is essential to evaluate the entire service, and H4A has gone beyond all expectations. Always on the ball, ready to solve problems and unexpected events, and its availability makes the service more than excellent.”
Amarula Solutions
Amarula Solutions
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“Amarula Solutions has been collaborating for years with Hosting 4 Agency for the management, maintenance, and security of our website. We have had a great experience with its frequent security updates and great maintenance contract. They are always available to solve problems and help us improve our online services.”

Our WordPress Hosting Plans

The more sites you transfer to us, the less you pay!


100% / year per package
  • free trial
  • 10 websites
  • 250.000 visits / month
  • 20GB of disk space
  • 200GB of CDNs
  • White label services
  • Free site migrations
  • Backups included
  • Unlimited team members
  • Dedicated staging area (on payment)


90% / year per package
  • free trial
  • 30 websites
  • 900.000 visits / month
  • 100GB of disk space
  • 300GB of CDNs
  • White label services
  • Free site migrations
  • Backups included
  • Unlimited team members
  • Dedicated staging area (on payment)
Best seller


75% / year per package
  • free trial
  • 60 websites
  • 1.500.000 visits / month
  • 300GB of disk space
  • 1200GB of CDNs
  • White label services
  • Free site migrations
  • Backups included
  • Unlimited team members
  • Dedicated staging area (included)




  • free trial + benefit
  • Custom number of websites
  • Custom visits
  • Custom space disk
  • Custom CDN
  • White label services
  • Free site migrations
  • Backups included
  • Unlimited team members
  • Dedicated staging area (included)

Try our service for free, no strings attached!

Try our service for free, no strings attached!

Changes are always difficult moments and often need strong motivation. But, apart from this, we also know that one of the greatest fears is that of making mistakes at the expense of your customers.
In order to prove that we are able to deliver what we promise—and for you to be 1.000% sure that you are making the right choice—we offer you 1 free month during which you can try out all our services.
All you need to do is choose 1 website whose performance you want to see improve and we’ll take care of everything with no strings attached on your part!


We invest in research and development


Frequent questions

The free trial consists of 3 simple steps:
1. You choose the website upon which you want to test our Hosting service;
2. You approve our use of your data for the sole purpose of the free 30-day trial;
3. We clone the website you have chosen on our servers and give you the link where you can test the performance during the 30-day trial period.

We run a test using Google PageSpeed at the beginning and end of the trial period. This way you can see how much the website’s performance has improved.

You can choose between these three options: 
1. You provide us with a package including the files and website database dump;
2. You install the free “Updraft” plugin and share the final package with us;
3. You give us access to your Hosting (files and db) and we take care of cloning.

You are in no way bound at the end of the 30-day trial of our Hosting service. We will remove the duplicate website from our servers at no cost to you.

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